Adhesive Cementation – simple and reliable

The innovations in adhesion materials and techniques has completely changed dentistry. The shift from macroretention to microretention was possible, thus promoting esthetic and minimal invasive dentistry. Reliable bonding mechanisms between ceramic, composite (cement) and tooth structure made all ceramic restorations feasible and successful. With the right selection of dental adhesives and cements it is possible today to bond the all ceramic restorations to the tooth surface and restore the original strength of the tooth. A correct adhesive technique and material with appropriate moisture control are prerequisites for an ideal cementation outcome.

Because we live in an era where everything has to be very efficient, this lecture will present a simplified protocol (step by step) that allows us to have control and be predictable when cementing all ceramic restorations.

March 3rd at 03:00 pm (CET), Romania (Romanian language)

Our speaker:
Dr. Silvana Thering, Dental Prosthetic Specialist

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